Punishing Me (Shaft on Tour Book 6)

Sold out stadiums and screaming fans are just some of the perks of being the new bassist for Shaft. The only downside of Ireland Tyler landing her dream job is it brings her face to face with a blast from her past, and her only regret: Dominick Bradford. The second in command for the band’s security team may go by Mack now, but all Ireland sees is the boy who used her and left her broken hearted when they were just seventeen years old.

Dominick “Mack” Bradford prefers to shrug off anything serious in life with a joke and quickly put it behind him. But, keeping your past from haunting you isn’t easy when you find it standing right in front of you.

The wild and crazy bassist is far from the sweet and naïve girl he met all those years ago. Her hurt has turned to hatred, and now that he is in charge of protecting her, it’s aimed at him full force. She challenges him, refusing to back down, no matter what he says. For Mack, it’s like gasoline on a fire of need that has been building for far too long.

Will Mack be able to resist her and do his job, or will he be consumed by the flames and be the one left wanting more this time?

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